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Tips to Keep You Safe

As soon as an alarm signal is received from your home or business, you can trust that an ADT Security Professional will notify you and your local police, fire department, or emergency personnel immediately – guaranteed. Every employee of ADT and I Am Home Security 1 is dedicated to keeping you safe, so in addition of home security, we offer you a number of fire prevention and personal safety tips.

Personal Safety

Many criminals prefer burglary to avoid risky confrontations with homeowners. But when burglary is too difficult, desperate criminals often look for other ways to steal. This can lead to other crimes such as personal assault, purse snatching, and dangerous invasions of homes while residents are still inside.

Unfortunately, many burglaries occur while someone is at home. A simple thing like leaving an outside door open while visiting a neighbor can give an intruder just enough time to get in. So, always keep doors and windows locked at all times.

Important Tips to Remember

Don't enter your home if you see signs of forced entry. Go to a neighbor's house, call the police, and note any strange cars or people near your home.

If you do detect an intruder, don't confront him or her. Panic can lead from burglary to a more serious crime.

If a stranger wants to use your phone, don't let the person inside. If this person claims to have an emergency, such as an auto breakdown, take down the details with your security door closed and make the call for them.

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Never tell a stranger you are home alone.

All representatives of legitimate companies have ID cards. When in doubt, write down the ID or badge number and- with your door locked- call the company to verify.

If you receive harassing phone calls say nothing and hang up immediately. If the calls persist, call the police and your telephone company. Consider an answering machine that lets you screen calls, as well as caller ID service.